Frank Zappa’s son Dweezil Zappa Walked In With One Of The Guitars From This Rock Legend

Passed on from one guitar legend to another

Frank Zappa’s son Dweezil comes by Norman’s Rare Guitars, a legendary vintage guitar store located in Tarzana, California, to show off the Stratocaster that legendary guitar hero Jimi Hendrix gave to his father.

In the video below, Dweezil Zappa gives a closer look at Frank’s Stratocaster which was a gift from Jimi Hendrix at the Miami Pop Festival in 1968. The guitar has since been modified by Frank who made various changes over the years to the guitar’s inner workings, electronics and hardware.

Frank made sure the hardware was in working condition before he passed it on to his son Dweezil.

In the video below, Dweezil shares the details of the entire story behind the guitar’s development. The son explains how he decided to fix the guitar to the way it appeared when his father posed with it for the cover of Guitar Player’s January 1977 issue.

Although in the video, he never actually plays the guitar in the video and it even remains unplugged the entire time, he actually plays the vintage Fender Strat on his 2015 album, Via Zammata.