Freaky Friday Classic: Angus Young

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Just For Fun…

It’s time to mess with you all by “hypothetically” replacing your favorite band members with artists who we think will fit as a perfect replacement. Imagine if Angus Young left AC/DC before the band hit the spotlight, what would have become to the bands future. Here are my top 5 picks I think can replace the legendary Angus Young and can set them on the same road to stardom.


5. Ritchie Blackmore

He’s basically a “Guitar God,” he can do it all, pure rock n’ roll, classical music, heavy metal, or whatever the hell style he now plays. He’s just extremely extraordinary, and if Angus left the group, he’s one of the perfect fit to replace the legend and be a legend himself. Just imagine, seeing him playing some AC/DC tunes, it’s pretty cool, right?


4. Eddie Van Halen

He’s crazy like Angus, and he has re-defined guitar playing in a lot of ways for the generations to come. He’s like the “Bach” of our time. To say Eddie Van Halen is less than a guitar maestro is pure nonsense. Everything he has ever done in his guitar is rock n’ roll. – Putting all those EVH guitar solos on AC/DC tracks, man, that would definitely be mindblowing!


3. Slash

He’s not that fast, he’s not technically amazing, but Slash is all about the sound, the emotion, and the soul. And putting all those things in AC/DC’s music, I think he would be much better than Angus Young (no pun intented).


2. Billy Gibbons

We all love the blues, and Billy Gibbons is definitely one of the bluesmen we always love watching. He’s always on fire everytime he plays, even Jimi Hendrix, the guitar God himself, said that Gibbons is one of the best guitarists he ever heard, and Gibbons was just about 18 or 19 years of age at the time when Hendrix first heard him. AC/DC tracks will definitely be more bluesy rocking if Gibbons would replace AC/DC, we would definitely rock hard more!


1. Keith Richards

He got the moves, the swagger, and definitely the stomach to rock n’ roll! He’s even included in Angus top greatest guitarist of all time. If Keith Richard would replace Angus Young, AC/DC would be freaking immortal and would rock the world for all eternity. And if Angus Young can produce a rocking riff, this guy right here can produce more amazing and distinctive riffs than any other guitar player out there. They may be simple to play, but they’re not that easy to create – “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” right?


What do you think with our list? Comment down below who’s your top picks that can come close to replacing the legendary Angus Young.