Geddy Lee Talks About How Rush Ended, Neil Peart, And Vocal Secrets

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Geddy Lee has talked about life after Rush and working with Lifeson again. The death of drummer Neil Peart in early 2020 put an end to one of the most established bands of all time.

Geddy Lee has been indicating for some time that he misses playing with Rush. At least, he announces that he could collaborate with Lifeson in the future. The band abandoned their activity mainly because of Neil Peart’s desire to leave music (and after his passing), but the trio still has an excellent relationship.

After Rush officially stopped touring in 2015, and they announced that they won’t be working on any more studio albums, we thought we wouldn’t have any more music from the Canadian trio. And after the death of drummer Neil Peart in 2020, the situation seemed more difficult. However, there is now some hope, as Alex Lifeson said that he and Geddy Lee could make music together again.

At least we are left with the hope that Lee and Lifeson team up to record something new. Fingers crossed that it is so. Peart’s blessing, and his fans, they have. We’ll see what happens.

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