George Harrison Talks About Commercials, Drug Use, and The Rock Star Lifestyle

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LSD users often call the effects of this acid “trip”, the Beatles considered it as a substance that changed the world, a way of using more than 10% of the brain, as an induced reaction, among others.

1965 marked for the Beatles another experience that would change their lives and their vision of the world. And therefore the music.

That year John Lennon and George Harrison tried LSD for the first time, the hallucinogenic drug that in the 1960s became a symbol of the counterculture, associated with experimentation and mental and spiritual expansion.

It was this substance that gave way to a large number of events, experiences, and songs, despite not being their first approach to drugs since they previously consumed marijuana, it was ultimately this acid that marked a key point in the history of this magnificent band.

George Harrison talks about Commercials, Drug Use, and The Rock Star Lifestyle during his appearance on The Dick Cavett Show.

They called him “the quiet Beatle” or “the quiet Beatle.” It is a misunderstanding, a comfortable but unfair and inappropriate reduction. He was the lowest public profile of the four. A kind of Houdini with a guitar, with an almost magical ability to escape from uncomfortable places.

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