George Harrison Was Impressed By Only 1 New Band Introduced By His Son

thequeenoftheprom / YouTube

George Harrison was always an oldie, although when the Beatles separated, changes were inevitable for him, and he didn’t like it. A fan of classics, George was always hard to impress with new music. However, his son Dhani eventually managed to introduce one band that kinda gave him a buzz.

In 1992, Guitar World during an interview with George asked him if any of the new bands struck him “as having a bit of the same spark” as the early bands. George’s response was a big no.

“I can’t say I’ve really heard anything that gives me a buzz like some of that stuff we did in the Fifties and Sixties,” George said. “The last band I really enjoyed was Dire Straits on the Brothers in Arms album. To me, that was good music played well, without any of the bulls***.

“Now I’m starting to get influenced by my teenage son, who’s into everything and has the attitude. He loves some of the old stuff, like Hendrix, and he’s got a leather jacket with Cream’s Disraeli Gears album painted on the back. As for recent groups, he played me the Black Crowes, and they really sounded okay.”

His son was able to show him one incredible contemporary band.