Grandma Gets Her First Tattoo At 82

via @brandyoreilly

Judy Dede is an 82-year-old granny but with the youngest spirit, you can imagine. On TikTok, this granny went viral for encouraging herself to get her first tattoo.

It was her granddaughter Brandy O’Reilly who shared on her TikTok how one day her grandmother confessed to her that she was very excited to get a tattoo after the granddaughter told her about one she had wanted to get for a long time.

In the video, you can see the grandmother enduring like a true champion, the tattoo. In the end, she confessed that she liked the result so much, that she is sure that this is only the first of the many that she plans to do.

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Grandma Judy Dede’s family was so moved by this decision that five other members got the same tattoo, or one very similar, to pay tribute to her. The grandmother who went viral on TikTok for getting a tattoo is actually fulfilling several of her dreams before it’s too late. The woman made a “bucket list” of all the things she wanted to do, and one is checked off that list, her first tattoo.

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