Greta Van Fleet Releases New Album ‘The Battle At Garden’s Gate” – Listen!

via @Greta Van Fleet | YouTube

Greta Van Fleet released the second album of their successful career, which is titled “The Battle at Garden’s Gate.”

Greta Van Fleet are an easy target. There is nothing that rewards ‘real’ rockers more than a band of youngsters beat it to the beast without having gone downhill loading and unloading amps for years playing for anyone. 

The first single from “The Battle at Garden’s Gate” was “My Way, Soon” and it was released on October 9, 2020. About two months later, on December 4, 2020, Greta Van Fleet released a second bite of their new production with “Age of Machine”. Later, on February 10, 2021, the third single from “The Battle at Garden’s Gate” arrived with the release of “Heat Above”. Finally, on March 19 the fourth and last single would arrive: “Broken Bells”.

Greta Van Fleet’s “The Battle at Garden’s Gate” Tracklist:

  1. Heat Above
  2. My Way, Soon
  3. Broken Bells
  4. Built by Nations
  5. Age of Machine
  6. Tears of Rain
  7. Stardust Chords
  8. Light My Love
  9. Caravel
  10. The Barbarians
  11. Trip the Light Fantastic
  12. The Weight of Dreams

One of the main challenges that Greta Van Fleet faced with “The Battle at Garden’s Gate” was to leave behind the constant comparisons with Led Zeppelin, an aspect that brought them both fans and critics.

In general, Greta Van Fleet is not shy about producing cuts of prolonged extension, something that however can play against the band itself, since the final cuts of the album become perhaps more complicated to follow on a first listen. This work is a creation intended for music lovers and fans of Greta Van Fleet’s continued sixties/seventies trend, which although it introduces some evolutionary changes with newer references have not radicalized this release towards horizons that are far from the previous LP, ‘Anthem Of The Peaceful Army ‘of 2018.

Keep going for the full album below: