Guitarist Cover The Streets With Pink Floyd Magic

via Dorin Ionescu / Youtube

Since the 1960s, street performance has been part of our historical panorama. But during the 1990s, it was consolidated and accepted by a large part of the artistic sectors. That’s thanks to graffiti, above all, but also to musicians and representatives of other disciplines.

There is no doubt that Pink Floyd is one of the most influential bands in all variations of rock of all time, since they were not only pioneers in psychedelic and progressive rock, but also were the forerunners of concept albums.

What’s best to perform on the street than Pink Floyd’s tune. In the video below, a street performer played not one, but three Pink Floyd songs, Time, Money & Another Brick in the Wall in the street of Pantheon Rome, Italy with a touch of magic and skills.

This street musician did an amazing job just to finish his incredible cover of Pink Floyd songs.

Keep going for the video below: