Guitarist Gets His Hands On Keith Richard’s $200,000 Les Paul Guitar From 1957

via Music is Win / Youtube

A guitarist spent $200,000 to land on Keith Richard’sLes Paul Guitar From 1957.

Guitarist and founding member of the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards is ranked number 4 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the best guitarists in history. His splendid guitar riffs have undoubtedly contributed to this.

Keith first appeared with the guitar during a performance on The Ed Sullivan Show in September 11, 1966. Reportedly, he bought the guitar prior to the performance.

He also had used the guitar for a long run during the 1966 British tour like at the Royal Albert Hall. This famous Les Paul had been his main companion in early 1967 and he played it on the January 25th Top of the Pops gig and Rolling Stones 1967 European tour.

The guitarist and YouTuber got the incredibly rare 1957 ‘Mickey Baker Edition’ Gibson Les Paul Custom at the Gotta Have Rock And Roll auction. He also tells the brief history of the guitar.

In the video below, the guitar appears to be in bad condition with scratches and dirt but has no missing pieces.

Keep going for the video below: