Guy Serenades Girls In The Street Using Classic Rock

via @Stuart Edge | YouTube

Have you been serenaded? Or have you been the one who’s doing the serenading?

The serenades were like public contests organized at night and in the middle of the street, by happy neighbors, and more frequently, by the bride and groom during the colonial era, at the foot of a balcony where one or more ladies listened to praise or the poetic narration of fines caused by their deviations.

The serenades are not necessarily dedicated to a girl, it also applies to birthdays or any type of celebration that you want to please someone. Although these activities are regularly joyful and romantic, they can become quite funny or uncomfortable situations like the video below where a guy serenades girls in the street performing a classic rock song.

Funny, memorable, romantic, or peculiar moments surround this tradition that has been in existence for many years in our country.

The song “Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC, is the one chosen by this band to put together the street serenade, commonly hard-rocking, but now it’s a bit cringy. Don’t miss this out!

Keep going for the video below: