Guy Sings Judas Priest at American Idol 2018 Audition

Will Rock Ever Be Popular Again?

This season of American Idol is honestly filled with talent. Lots of contestants who write their own songs, hit the right notes, and seem to be very musically inclined. It’s no different for this aspiring idol, except there might be a problem.

He’s metal. And he’s that 80’s metal style of vocals.

It would be awesome to finally see some rock-style singers back in the mix of American Idol. People like Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, and James Durbin have successfully made it to the top and found success. But it seems that a lot of country singers are taking over American Idol these days.

He Can Supposedly Can Cover ‘6 Octaves’

Here we have Tyler “Cougar” Gordon going hard in front of the judges with his attempt at making it to Hollywood with “Grinder” by Judas Priest. He claims he can sing up 6 octaves. But, he’s no Freddie Mercury, let’s be honest here. By the way, don’t eat blue candy before you audition because that stuff is way too distracting. Lol!