He Shared His Earphones With A Bug. He Never Expected What Happened Next To Go Viral

Guttural Extreme / Facebook

How come people aren’t quite this entertaining when you share your earphones with them? That’s the question of the hour as we stumbled across this video of a young man sharing his earphones with a bug he found, expecting to get a laugh out of it at the very least when he turned on metal at full blast for his new friend. As it turns out, he got more than he bargained for when the bug seemed to respond to it, first moving his antennae before actually banging his little head in time with the music – we knew other creatures liked metal music, but who knew bugs also had a soft spot for the heavier stuff?

The video, featured on Facebook via a page called Guttural Extreme, also exceeded the young man and his famous new friend’s expectations as it went viral earlier this week, making its rounds across the internet and amassing well over 6 million views and several hundred thousand shares – pretty amazing stuff for these unlikely friends!

We wonder what’s in the bug’s music collection. Somehow, he strikes us as a Slayer kinda guy…