Hear Stories Of How Anthony Pike Partied With Rockstars In His Legendary Hotel

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Legendary Ibiza Hotel Of Hendonism!

Tony Pike or Anthony Pike is an 83-year-old hotel owner and was dubbed as an Ibiza Legend. He owns the hotel Pikes in Ibiza, his hotel was the favorite hotspot of rock legends such as George Michael, Freddie Mercury, Liam Gallagher, and Grace Jones.

Many things occurred to this hotel, and have hosted drug and sex-fueled parties for the rock legends.

The release of his biography, Mr. Pikes: The Story Behind the Ibiza Legend last year has given us a chance to see the inside of the Balearic icon at his hotel and the stories are indeed incredible.


The Pikes Hotel has reached great heights of fame just like its legendary guests. Tony Pike surely made a full life out of himself and did have an intense relationship with Ibiza.

“In a word, freedom. 40 years ago there were few controls and you could do as you wanted. I mean, there were controls but it was harder to enforce them, so people got away with a lot more. I don’t like to be told what to do so it was perfect for me.”

One of his favorite memory of the place was the Formentera:

“The first time I saw Formentera; it was like the Bahamas, only better, because the Bahamas is just a group of sand keys. Formentera is only small, but it’s very hilly and very picturesque and the water is absolutely crystal clear.”

In the video below, Anthony Pikes gave a little tour and told some fascinating stories about the place and the many things of hendonistic stories from over the decades including a load of high-quality coke being supplied for the rock legends.

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