Hear The Movie Version Of “Lucy In The Sky Of Diamonds” Here

via @vcowhey1 | Youtube

The new version of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds has been released as a soundtrack for Natalie Portman’s movie titled, Lucy in the Sky.

Portman as Lucy Cola, portraying as an astronaut whose life turned around during his journey in space, and when she returned to Earth, she finds it hard to enter back with her relationships and her concepts of reality. 

Jon Hamm, Zazie Beets, and Nick Offerman will also star in the film. 

The new version of the 1967 Beatles’ hit was performed by an Irish singer Lisa Hannigan. She’s best known for her previous work for her contributions to the soundtracks for CloserShrek the Third and Gravity.

Listen to the new version of “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” below:

Jeff Russo composed the musical arrangement for the new version of the Beatles’ classic. 

“We spend a lot of time in Lucy’s mind,” Jeff Russo explained. “We spend a lot of time dealing with her on an emotional level and trying to track her emotional journey from her experience in space to the culmination of her journey at the end of the movie. Finding the right melodies for her and the right sound to push and pull, and pressure and release … it was a maze for me to get through. But we got there.”

You can watch the movie’s trailer below.