Here’s The Reason Why Rock N’ Roll Music Is Dying Out Today

SIMPLE REASON: Rock N’ Roll Is Basically Just A Baby-Boomer Thing

Baby Boomers are getting older, and most are dying out. Rock and Roll will at least, in my humble opinion, live on for one or two more decades in almost a dead form. If there would be no Baby Boomers left, rock n roll music will surely perish also from the face of the planet. Then enters the museum, Rock N’ Roll will stick it in next to Jazz and Classical, and that’s the end of it.

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baby boomers of rock and roll

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Rock N’ Roll music means so much to the Baby Boomers and has clung to it like it is their de facto Flag. I hate to admit it, but some of us are old now, and certainly won’t be able to play it anymore 30 years from now if we were lucky enough. Like the old saying; ALL THINGS MUST PASS.

Comparing Rock N’ Roll to Modern Jazz, Cool Jazz, Etc., it definitely has had a remarkably long and amazing run. And it kind of give hopes that it seems to have appealed to more generations convergently than other musical genres have — it is a good thing, no? It brings people of many different ages together.

But we sure hope so that Rock won’t be going anywhere, and that it has only moved away from the mainstream. I’ve been listening to rock n’ roll for almost my lifetime, and people have kept telling me that the music I love is dead. As I think about the future of rock n’ roll, I think there is real hope for it — it will be again a big thing it once was. I know that the younger generations will study its past in order for them to find their sound, their voice, and particular direction in music. And I do believe Rock N’ Roll will find its place there and it will live on. The future unconceived George and Baby Sam will someday listen to Sgt. Pepper and Are You Experienced in the same way that younger people listen to Beethoven today.