How Dreamy Is Stevie Nicks’ Voice

via @Stevie Nicks | YouTube

Every night since she was 16 years old, Stevie Nicks sits at a sizable notebook, her journal, and writes. Sometimes what she tells precedes a song, because only after she does it does she notice something throbbing and coming back, she composes a poem and sits at the piano, and turns it into music.

Fleetwood Mac is much more than a group since its three best-known vocalists have enough quality, charisma, experience, and talent to have their own and exclusive entry. And what better way to start with the greatest of the three, a true diva, a true luxury: Stevie Nicks.

Her figure has always been surrounded by a certain controversy. In fact, when she joined Fleetwood Mac, by the imposition of Lindsey Buckhimgham with whom she had a stormy romance at that time, some saw in her a kind of Yoko Ono that would end the group. However, not only would she give them the best years of her career, but she would embark on a solo career in unison with great results.

It was curious to observe the contrast of her voice as the band required. We could find a powerful and serious voice at the same time, usually in her most moving songs, as well as a sweet and seductive voice when she interpreted any of her ballads. All this, both the sweetness of her voice and the country feel.

Stevie Nicks would carry out a continuation effort, with music very similar to that of her debut album, and would again reap great success both critically and in sales, although it would not reach the top of the North American charts. Despite this, the quality of the album was indisputable. Not because she is Stevie Nicks, but because she is really a good singer.