How Freddie Mercury vs Steve Perry Compare To One Another Vocally

Fortunately, because so many of us have voiced our opinions, we can tell which vocalists have the most mass appeal, which needs to be taken into account. But the video below compares Freddie Mercury and Steve Perry to one another vocally. Who did it better?

These types of questions are great conversation starters. They engage with friends, pubs, and music lovers for hours, even lifetimes.

Ranker is a website that gains more than 15 million visits per month, famous for making lists. On “The Best Rock Vocalists,” they put Freddie Mercury at number one. Great pick, hard to argue with, except at number three it’s, you guessed it, Steve Perry.

I’m not even a big fan, but I have to give Freddie Mercury singing props in most of his songs (IMO). Steve Perry had at least half a dozen different voices that he would change even in one song. Not to mention his unparalleled high notes on Journey’s hits. I’m surprised he’s sometimes not mentioned to any of the lists of greats in any list.

Let’s watch the video below: