How Good Is Robert Plant’s Vocal Power

via @pridden76 | YouTube

The former lead singer of Led Zeppelin is an influence on generations of singers, as well as the subject of multiple tributes for his contribution to rock music.

Fifty years later, their music is still valid. Here, there and in the hereafter you can hear the obstinate guitar of Jimmy Page, the solid rhythm of the drums of John Bonham, the heavy bass of John Paul Jones, but the best of all, the powerful voice of Robert Plant.

The singing voice of Robert Plant is of a vocal virtuosity – with a range of highs reminiscent of Janis Joplin. That a masculine voice reaches those highs is really prodigious.

In 1969, Plant together with Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham recorded and released their second production: Led Zeppelin II. Thanks to songs like: “Whole Lotta Love”, “Heartbreaker” and “Ramble on”, the album reaches number 1 in the British and American charts for 7 weeks.

Thanks to his powerful voice and wide vocal range, Plant would have influenced vocalists like Steven Tyler, Freddie Mercury, Paul Stanley, Axl Rose, among others.

Robert ranks first in the list of the 100 greatest metal vocalists of all time, according to Hit Parader magazine. The same spot in the ranking of the 100 best singers of Rolling Stone magazine.

Robert Plant is more than the voice of one of the most important bands in history. Robert Plant is living proof that virtuosity knows no ages.