How Paul McCartney Made His Comeback Album “Flaming Pie”

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It Was A Nostalgic Times

Paul McCartney is, of course, one of the greatest living musicians, but much of his legendary works were done when he was still a Beatle. The Beatles were most definitely influential that they managed to define and transcended their times. They are the highest selling musical act of all time, selling over 800 million album units worldwide.

The music industry and critics were cruel to Paul during his post-Beatle career. Since the beginning of “music” it immediately started to become a norm, it has catered the youth, and we’re used to hearing our parents or old people that they hated Frank Sinatra, Elvis, the Beatles, the Stones, etc. that they were bad influences to the youth. And you see, today is still the same, music is for the youth.

Paul McCartney managed to do a comeback when he released Flaming Pie in 1997 because of two reasons: Nostalgia and Music. He got nostalgic, he knew that the best music made was in the era of the 1960s and 1970s. These two eras were about musical playing technique, strong songwriting, innovation, new instruments were invented, quality sound engineering, and competing with other equally legendary musicians. And that era has passed but as I said, The Beatles were influential to those who came out after them. Meaning, this has influenced Paul McCartney too as being part of the Beatles he managed to create quality materials and excellent work of art. He got more sincere with his comeback and was definitely better than 99% of the other music out there.

The outcome of his hard work he still manages to play them in on a tour and he is still one of the biggest stars in the world even at that age.