How Paul McCartney Play Bass

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A Bad Ass Bass Player!

When talking about Ser Paul’s bass playing, we should consider a couple of things in mind…

His bass playing happened to be just an accident, and somewhat reluctantly – by the time Beatles was forming, they needed a bass player, John, and George couldn’t or wouldn’t do it, so Paul decided to take it and play on as the bass player.

Well, during those times, bass playing wasn’t that fancy, it only had few, so Paul didn’t learn it from a lot of peers.

It took them quite some time to record or engineer how to work out the bass properly…

But taking all it into account, he became, if not one of the greatest, highly proficient, innovative bass player to ever play in the history of music, as others have pointed out, perhaps not the “best” but always mentioned as one!

And perhaps his biggest legacy as a bass player was how to look cool playing the bass, uncounted numbers of people have picked up a bass, often being one of the most cited reasons for other bass players to chose the bass over other instruments…

Songs to consider on how badass Ser Macca behind the bass:

Penny Lane

Paperback Writer


Hey Bulldog

Come together

Little Help from my Friends


All these songs show how Macca’s bass was the driver inside the song while connecting the chord changed with unexpected twists and turns. As a bassist, he doesn’t just play bassline that moves or shows off, unless the song best serves it. He always adds layers to each of their songs, – the unerring sense of melody Ser Paul McCartney has, lead to some of the most inventive bass lines ever.

John Lennon actually said as much:

 “He’s very humble about his bass playing, which is fantastic – he’s got a big head about everything else.”