How Pink Floyd Reunited After 24 Years

via @érgio Rojo | YouTube

David Gilmour, Roger Waters, and Nick Mason offer their impressions on the future of the formation, the ‘making of’ of their masterpiece ‘The dark Side of the Moon ‘(1973), and the fragile state of their personal relationships.

After years and years of tension, Waters and Gilmour have played together three times in the last six years, leading to the belief that relations between them have improved. “You might think that is so, yes,” confirms Gilmour in a report signed by Brian Hiatt, before stopping for a moment.

More than two decades later, although many thought that the four historical members of Pink Floyd would never set foot on a stage together again, the music world was surprised when in mid-2005 the musician Sir Bob Geldolf – successful businessman, organizer charity event, and star of the film “The Wall”, in the remembered role of the character of the tormented rocker Pink – announced publicly that the four members of Pink Floyd would meet to play together in London on a stage after 24 years, in within the framework of the Live 8 concert, organized to raise awareness in societies about hunger in many parts of the world, especially in Africa, and which would bring together on July 2, 2005, a host of world-famous musical stars.

Learn the story below of how it happened: Pink Floyd Reunited After 24 Years.