Humble Pie’s Lost Album To Be Released This Year

Joint Effort

In 1975, Humble Pie’s record label A&M had rejected a production of songs recorded throughout the previous year. The name of the album was called Joint Effort.  Frontman Steve Marriott and bassist Greg Ridley titled the LP based off their collaborations outside of Humble Pie.

The tracks on Joint Effort have already been named and among them are some covers. The Beatles’ “Rain” and James Brown’s “Think” were added onto the album. The anticipation is insane! You know it’s gonna be good.

UNSPECIFIED – CIRCA 1970: Photo of Humble Pie Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Party Like It’s 1975

The CD is available for pre-order, as well as the digital and vinyl albums- in purple or white. To get liner notes and never before seen photos you’ll have to get the CD or Vinyl.

The news of the release is just in time for Steve Marriott’s birthday, January 30. February 08 will mark the day Joint Effort is officially available. What a gift to fans of one of the most underrated bands of Rock.

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Track Listing, Humble Pie ‘Joint Effort’

1. “Think”
2. “This Ol’ World”
3. “Midnight of My Life”
4. “Let Me Be Your Lovemaker”
5. “Rain”
6. “Snakes & Ladders”
7. “Good Thing”
8. “A Minute of Your Time”
9. “Charlene”
10. “Think 2”