ILCR Pick: 5 Songs From ‘Harvest’ From Neil Young

via @Aljoshaaa | Youtube

One of Neil Young’s consistently great and it’s hard to order them from worst to best. The more you listen to this album, the more you appreciate each song — but here at I Love Classic Rock we look back at the 5 best songs from ‘Harvest’ By Neil Young.


1. Needle and the Damage Done

A song about drugs and the damage that it does to a person. It’s an awesome old tune and a great one to learn to how to play. Keep in my drugs ruin relationships.

2. Old Man

The song that cuts deeper as you get older. There are days you feel a lot older and life can wear you down. We are all hoping that the future brings is what we’re looking for — Neil Young is such a great songwriter.


3. Out on the Weekend

Neil can surely paint you a feeling with his music. Out on the Weekend is a song of pain, joy, love, and life. The amount of songs Neil has done is amazing — and this is one of his incredible songs. The memories when you’re out on the weekend they can’t take them away.


4. Words

The broken rhythm of this song is truly magical — and it’s only Neil Young capable of doing something like this. The way it was written as well, the song speaks to you emotionally.



5. Heart of Gold

One of Neil Young’s songs where you don’t want it to end. The harmonica gives you chills, and Neil sadly looking for a heart of gold. And if you listen to it today it brings back some fond memories of the 60s’. Heart of Gold — we’re all still searching for that.