Is Music Streaming Killing Music?

Good old days…

Music has always been part of our daily lives, it’s a lifestyle. Life without music is definitely a boring one….

There has been so many ways to listen to our favorite song nowadays, we have SPOTIFY, ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY, PANDORA and MANY MOOREE!!! What happened to the old fashioned way of listening to music? Where one could support their favorite bands or musician by normally buying copies of their albums in record stores. Everyone has to make a living, right? Yup, that’s how you can support your favorite artists by buying their records, not online, not on streaming services or pirating.

We get that, this generation is now living under digital age, where anyone can access almost everything for free and this is crucial for every artist out there. This is how they chose to make their living by entertaining us with their talents, but people, come on, what are we doing? Why do we tend to choose to get their music for free instead of actually having their records.

Is there any way we can enjoy our music by physically having their records at hand? Looks like there’s no way we can live like that anymore while having all these so-called “NEW RECORD STORES”.

You don’t often see it anymore, where people play their favorite records manually to a player. Cassettes, Cd’s and Vinyl they now exist as collectibles while our music are being played digitally. Even Disk Jockeys don’t use vinyl anymore.

Everything is digitized, everyone is looking to enjoy something for free, turning their backs and being a hypocrite at the same time with their favorite artists. While these artists are spending so much time, exerting so much effort to produce the things we are now enjoying today.


What are your thoughts?