Jerry Cantrell Solo Album In The Works

via @The Cantrell Project | Youtube

Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell recently revealed that he’s currently working on his first new solo album after two decades.

The guitarist shared the news during a red carpet interview with People TV at MusiCares Person of the Year tribute event to Aerosmith in Los Angeles, CA.

“I’m working on a new record myself, so, generally, when I’m in that sort of a mode, I pretty much don’t listen to anything until I’m done, so nothing creeps in there,” explained Cantrell. “I did a couple of shows at The Pico Union Project in L.A. with some friends, and I got to play some of my material from my solo records.

“When I’m with Alice, I’m with Alice, and that takes the majority of my time. This year, we’re taking a little time off, so… If you liked any of the solo work that I did or the work with Alice, I’m sure you might like some of this stuff too.”

Alice In Chains is currently on an extended break following a world tour in support of 2018’s “Rainier Fog.” While Cantrell’s project would mark as his first full-length album since 2002’s “Degradation Trip.”