Jimmy Page’s Long-Lasting Legal Battle Has Finally Come To An End

Jack Taylor / Stringer / Getty Images

It’s Finally Over

5 years ago, Jimmy Page found himself in a bit of a difficult situation when his next-door neighbor in Kensington, London, singer/songwriter Robbie Williams wanted to put in an underground swimming pool in his house. This was an issue right from the start because construction of this pool would require changes to Jimmy’s premises, which has a protected status. For 5 long years both Jimmy and Robbie just couldn’t find a middle ground/compromise. However, that changes today.

According to the Guardian, Jimmy was present during a planners’ meeting at Kensington Town Hall where he went “to plead that you take all necessary measures to protect the Tower House from the threat of harm it faces.” This plea ended up being successful and Robbie’s plans for a pool have been postponed indefinitely.

The Guardian also reports that representatives of Robbie often stated that the construction of this pool would be one that adheres to all regulations. This plea on Robbie’s part, however, was obviously unsuccessful. Jimmy Page’s 5-year-long feud is finally over! Congrats, Jimmy!