Joe Walsh Starts Jamming With A Toddler – People Immediately Start Filming

Roy Orbison 3 / YouTube

This Will Be The Best Thing You See All Day!

One of the many great traits that Joe Walsh posses is the fact that he is just one of the most lovable and cheerful guys you could ever meet. Seriously, wherever he goes he just lights up the whole room. Whether it’s on stage, on a talk show, or simply at your local party, he’s just the chillest, nicest dude ever, and it’s awesome!

Scott Dudelson / Getty Images

That didn’t change during what appears to be a party of some sorts in this video. Here, Joe Walsh is jamming with his toddler Godson on the ukulele while the toddler plays the harmonica. One thing is for sure, we’re glad the cameras were rolling!

If you ask me, this is what the Internet was made for. During an Internet-age where our news feeds are stuffed with political news, cat videos, and everything in between, we at least still have Joe Walsh to rely on!