Joni Mitchell On The “Failure of the Baby Boomers”

via q on cbc/YouTube

We Could Listen To Her Talk All Day Long

Joni Mitchell in her Bel Air home, lighting a cigarette and answering questions so eloquently – this is clearly one of the most chill interviews we’ve ever seen. Her songs defined a generation and they stood the test of time – even today’s younger musicians are covering some of her classic hits. More than an iconic singer, she’s also a prolific songwriter which is why her music is something almost everyone can relate to.

She didn’t just write songs, she tells stories – in an epic way, at that.

“All that pettiness and it trickled down into the play of the children. You know, it was culturally rebel without… And out of it came the first seeds – rebel without a cause. You know, like what are rebelling against? What have you got? The sickness of the collapse of that dream was vague.” – Joni Mitchell

She made a fine point and it’s hard not to be impressed with how brilliant her insights are. This is kind of person young people should listen to – she’s been there and she’s done that. And her examples are just way too accurate. Sure, some may not agree with her but she definitely got her point across.

“So when I first started making all this sensitive music, my old friends back home could not believe it. They didn’t know – where did this depressed person come from? Along the way, I had gone through some pretty hard deals, and it did introvert me. But it just so happened that my most introverted period coincided with the peak of my success.” – Joni Mitchell

Maybe the only thing we didn’t like about this video is how she is constantly being interrupted. But seeing how relaxed she is, we’d love to hear her thoughts on basically anything.