Journey Put Epic Twist On “Separate Ways” And Leave Concert Goers With Their Jaws Dropped

Jo Hale / Getty Images

No One Does It Like journey!

Fans are split on the whole Steve Perry/Arnel Pineda issue. Many fans of Journey are only fans of the Journey that was fronted by Steve Perry, and others are fans of the Journey fronted by both Steve Perry AND Arnel Pineda. Whether or not you’re a fan of Arnel Pineda, there’s no doubt that he is the best fit to replace Steve Perry in Journey.

Since 2007, Arnel has been doing great work with the band. His voice is an identical match to that of Steve Perry’s. He’s the perfect, pure and simple, and what’s more is that he has Steve Perry’s approval.

In 2009 at the Download Festival, Journey took to the stage with Arnel Pineda and performed their best songs, including Separate Ways. The band put a unique twist on this song and made it heavier and more melodic. To put it simply, they have refined their craft and it’s amazing! See for yourself!