Kids In The 60’s Tries To Predict The Year 2000 Would Be Like

via @Jamey Kac | YouTube

Given the importance of science has in our lives and societies, a relevant question is whether it is possible to predict its future.

We live on horseback between the past and the future, with the present constantly slipping from our hands, like an evanescent shadow. The past gives us memories and knowledge acquired, verified, or to be verified, an invaluable treasure that facilitates the way.

Precisely because of the importance that the future has for our lives and societies, a question that has arisen over and over again is whether it is possible to predict it; predict it having solid knowledge of what the past and present offer us. And if it is important to get an idea of ​​where historical and individual events will be headed, it is even more so concerning the future. 

Some of the most fascinating forecasts for the future don’t come from proficient futurists or well-financed brainers, they come from ordinary kids. 

In the video below, we have the 1960s that highlights kids discussing their vision for tomorrow. And it’s maddening as hell. 

The clip was broadcast on December 28, 1966 program on the BBC. And it is impressive to see how afraid these kids were that they would all be slaughtered by nuclear blasts. These kids were convinced that the END IS NEAR.

“There’s nothing you can do to stop it, the more people get bombs, somebody’s going to lose it one day,” a girl explains.   

Considering these kids were around 10 or 12 years old when this was broadcasted in 1966, approximately they will be in their early 60s today. 

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