Lars Ulrich Tours Brian Johnson Inside The Metallica HQ

Brian Johnson TV / Youtube

The AC/DC vocalist, Brian Johnson, is recording a most interesting program, its title is Brian Johnson’s Life On The Road and, in it, among other things, he interviews or, rather, talks with different personalities including is Lars Ulrich, the Metallica drummer.

The truth is that, during this episode, broadcast last Saturday, October 13 on AXS TV, many people were aware of how the conversation between these two rock colossi was going.

Among the topics that were discussed was that of the tour that, in the early ’90s, both groups undertook together. According to Lars, Metallica never became a backing band, that is, the opening act, never again after having the privilege of sharing the stage with the Australians. In addition, both spoke of the influence that those of Melbourne supposed for Metallica in its beginnings.

Brian Johnson went back to the Monsters of Rock tour where he was impressed that AC/DC was headlining and had Metallica, a band that had reached # 1 in sales in the United States. Obviously, this happened with the album “Black Album” and their great single “Enter Sandman”.

Among other things, the Metallica drummer tour Brian Johnson in Metallica’s headquarters that you can watch below: