Late Night Talk Show Host Sings Better Than 99% of Popstars

Looks Like There Is Hidden Talent In There

Late Night Talk Show Host James Corden had been hiding something from us. He can definitely level his voice with any singers out there. He surely has the talent!

Enough with the Late Night Talk Show or carpooling! Just do a recording already! You are a far better singer than a host (that’s a compliment). I’d take you any time of the day to any pop star singers today. Totally mind boggling that you are hiding that amazing voice from us all this time….


In this video, Sam Smith had that incredible angelic voice, but when James Corden harmonizes with him, you would love to listen to them for years! Maybe, we can make a petition for these two to make a recording. Right? Right? It may sound kind of a counterintuitive, but I could compliment James Corden all day long. As for the love for music, we always expect perfection and this is what we have got. It’s only natural to see some professionals to pull off an incredible performance most of the time. But this? His overall singing was even better than we expected.

We can say that his voice is warm and comforting and at the same time Sweet and charming. Better than any of the pop singers today…

See and hear for yourself…..

Aren’t they adorable? Ohhh…..