Led Zeppelin Copyright Dispute Case Could Go To Supreme Court

via @Led Zeppelin | YouTube

Since 2014 a dispute was created between the band Led Zeppelin and Spirit of alleged plagiarism in the riff of the emblematic song “Stairway to Heaven” with the song “Taurus”, it was not until March of this year when it was announced that Zeppelin had won rights. But apparently, the courts and especially Michael Skidmore, who is the executor of the copyright of the late guitarist Randy California, were very dissatisfied with such a verdict.



Currently, Skidmore is asking to reopen the case, but now, in the nation’s largest court, who holds that “Stairway to Heaven” is a copy of his song with Spirit “Taurus.”

“Most songs composed before 1976 are going to lose protection,” he stated. “This will most heavily impact historically disenfranchised communities (black blues artists, for example, which Led Zeppelin heavily ‘borrowed’ from and sometimes had to settle with) where the composition of music was not done on paper.”

However, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant have stated on various occasions that they have never heard the song “Taurus.”