Let John Densmore Himself Show You How To Play ‘Riders On The Storm’

via The Doors / Youtube

“Riders on the Storm” remains the best song to listen to while driving, at night, in the rain, and three hundred plays haven’t erased anything from the incredible floating magic of the drum beats by John Densmore.

“Riders on the Storm”, by The Doors, is one of those songs that as soon as they begin to sound evoke a certain state of mind and that, furthermore, we immediately identify, in this case thanks to those first chords, the basslines, the organ, and of course, the drums that they imitate so well the sound of rain first, and the sound of a storm later..‘

The is indeed one of their masterpieces, which in this case has a sound closer to jazz. From the initial stormy noise where the cymbal percussion and melodic keyboard begin to play, we can’t help but be carried away placidly until Morrison’s warm voice enters as Krieger begins to leave us some guitar notes. The instrumental part is ultra-relaxing, a delight for the ears, as well as the pauses that precede the return to the initial melody. In the video below John Densmore show us how exactly it is to play it behind the drums:

Keep going for the video below: