Lindsey Buckingham Shares His Intimate Story Being Fired From Fleetwood Mac

jettkev / Youtube

In rock history, various stormy love stories are often well-known among fans, but perhaps none as chaotic and stormy as that of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, acclaimed members of the band Fleetwood Mac, whose disagreements and discussions were documented to this day, which would be the cause of Buckingham’s dismissal from the band in 2018.

During a recent interview, Buckingham reflects a bit on his relationship with Nicks and what led to failure, revealing that, so far, he has not managed to have closure in that relationship.

Over the past year, Stevie Nicks revealed that at the time Buckingham suffered a heart attack in 2019, she decided to contact him, claiming that she asked the musician to start taking care of himself, adding that it was never in her plans for the guitarist to leave Fleetwood Mac due to arguments between the two.

After the reconciliation between Lindsey Buckingham and Mic Fleetwood, the leader and founder of the band has indicated his interest in making a great reunion tour with all those who were once part of Fleetwood Mac, with the intention that this could be his farewell in music.

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