Listen To John Paul Jones’ Bass Mastery With Isolated Bass Track For ‘Ramble On’

via Play Bass Lines / Youtube

John Paul Jones was a key player in creating the legacy that the British band Led Zeppelin built.

The iconic bass line of “Dazed And Confused”, the organ solo of “No Quarter” and the, of course, the amazing “Ramble On” transformed rock and music history and that’s why Jones will always be remembered as one of the best multi -Instrumentalists already seen.

But even with all these achievements, John Paul Jones often does not have the recognition he deserves.

With a career spanning nearly six decades, Jones has one of the most eclectic, fascinating, and surprising stories. In addition to his work with Led Zeppelin, the bassist has contributed to numerous musicians from different genres.

Rockstar unleashed on the stage, a reserved family man in everyday life. Because John Paul Jones has almost always been talked about positively, never at the center of gossip, scandals, and everything we are used to when we talk about artists of his caliber. Precisely for this reason, there is little information about his private life: today the musician is happily married to Maureen Jones, and the two have three daughters: Jacinda, Tamara, and Kierra.

Listen to John Paul Jones’ Bass Mastery with Isolated Bass Track for  ‘Ramble On’ below: