Listen To Steven Tyler’s Psychedelic Stories


Steven Tyler’s drug stories will confuse you even more

Just as you think Steven Tyler couldn’t get any weirder, he surprises you with head-scratching statements and it strangely makes you like him a lot more.

In a podcast interview with host Joe Rogan, Tyler talks about his new memoir that he co-wrote with founding Rolling Stone editor, David Dalton. A constant topic throughout his book is one that is not so surprising, given his eccentric rock n’ roll life: drugs. “I snorted my plane, I snorted my house,” Steven Tyler tells Rogan.

Joe Rogan covers a multitude of topics when talks with his guests on his podcast. And with Steven Tyler, Rogan not only got the rockstar being honest about his drug use but also managed to get Tyler mystically and philosophically discuss conspiracy theories about weird, weird things like ancient humans living underground millions of years ago before the ice age hit, evolution and aliens. It’s so bizarre, even Rogan is left bewildered!

Tyler is a bit whacky and mad, but very interesting as always.

Listen to his crazy stories yourself below: