Listen To The Isolated Vocals on Pink Floyd song ‘Another Brick in the Wall Pt. II’

via @lukethelux | YouTube

Another Brick in the Wall (Part Two) is the fifth song on the album and is also the most famous of the three parts of Another Brick in the Wall. It was released fifteen days before the album as a single. The song talks about the strict rules that were in schools during the 1950s.

The song ranks number 14 in the most successful songs of all time according to a certain Mediatraffic ranking.

Since 1979, the year in which the song was released, several pseudo-anarchist movements have adopted Another Brick in the Wall part 2 as a real battle hymn. In 1980, in pre-Mandela South Africa (and therefore led by apartheid), the song was censored by all radio stations and it even went so far as to ban the album and the band from the national territory when a group of young blacks carried out a nationwide boycott of the school system.

Before the making of the movie “The Wall”, a music video was prepared, directed by Gerald Scarfe, in which students are seen running in a playground and the puppet of the teacher used in the concerts of “The Wall”. The video was also mixed into some animated scenes to later be used in “The Trial” and “Waiting for the Worms”.

According to the BBC website, the children who sang in “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)” could not appear in the video because they did not have the Equity Cards.

Listen to the isolated vocals of Another Brick in the Wall Pt. II below: