Listen To The Ramones’ Bob Dylan Cover Of ‘My Back Pages’

via @Pitchfork | YouTube

Bob Dylan is possibly the most important composer of popular music of the last 60 years, some considered it indisputable and it doesn’t take a Nobel Prize to prove it. Perhaps many are irritated by his voice, increasingly closer to that of sandpaper (age does not forgive), others will like only his first albums and some isolated song, some will prefer the stage of the mid-60s, there will be those who listen only certain single records … but let’s face it, there is no composer with so many important songs in the entire history of pop music.

Perhaps only the Lennon-McCartney couple can compete with him, but these are two and their process of shared authorship is already known.

From an unknown song to another that grows every day. “My back Pages” also contains one of Dylan’s most famous verses, “I was older then / I am younger now” as effective as it is false from a certain age.

More than 40 versions and counting. The best known is, it is almost obvious, that of The Byrds, from their album Younger Than Yesterday from 1967.

The other lesser-known one is with the ineffable Ramones, who made a version on their 1993 album Acid Eaters, a cover album. It is true that they were not already in their prime, but they are the Ramones.

The album, which is the group’s first and only record completely made of covers, pays tribute to the Ramones’ favorite artists of the 1960s and references the likes of the Beach Boys, the Who, the Rolling Stones, and, of course, Bob Dylan.

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