Listen To These 8 Classic Rock Songs at the Gym- Lose 10lbs

Rock N’ Roll Will Help You Avoid Losing The Thrill!

Everyone has that one song that motivates them to work harder and get their blood flowing. Even the lyrics tell you that you can do it, and it even begs you to do a lot more. So if you’re starting a new program exercise, you probably want to listen to these songs and get yourself excited. Mix your workout routine with these finest classic rock songs, and you’ll definitely get a fast result. You will have more fun working out and make your workouts seem easier and more effective. These will help you set your goals for you to reach the shape you want to achieve or lose 10 pounds in the process.

Here are the 8 Classic Rock Songs to listen to while busting it out at the gym:




Upbeat and Aggressive music for working out, and it works pretty well for kicking ass also. Suffragette City features a huge “WOW SOUND” that will get you dancing in no time. A perfect song for losing some pounds while doing some aerobic dances.

This song pushes you into doing some aerobic exercises or do some sprinting. The tone of this song can even tell you that you are badass, and will provide the motivation you need for tearing up the gym. Suffragette City could help you boost your energy to exercise your body and lose some weights.



If you’re looking for some music for working out, Fortunate Son is a perfect choice. It will make you feel such a badass and head off and start lifting and get your blood pumping.

You may see some results and noticeable changes in your physique if you include this one in your workout music playlist. Remember, “nothing sustains motivation better than results,” that being said, Fortunate Son is a perfect choice for a perfect workout music playlist. It will keep your workout mellow and set achievable goals for your desired shape. The only way to achieve that is to include this on your playlist. You will become a FORTUNATE SON that you’ll start to notice that you’re really MAKING PROGRESS in your workout.



If you time yourself through Rush songs to motivate yourself in losing pounds or getting your body into shape, Working Man is the perfect song.

Working Man will help you lose some pounds, the groove that it provides will be excellent for running routines. This song is good for you to do any kind of exercises. It gets the blood flowing and adrenaline pumping, it gives you the Rush you needed to enjoy your workout routine fully. But if you’re looking to get pumped up for a math test might as well listen to 2112 Overture or Temples of Syrinx or just review for the damn test!



Combining dance aerobics, weight lifting exercises, rock n’ roll, and “Shoot To Thrill” will get your day going. I know you will be surprised at how much this will help you every day to lose some few pounds. A song that will definitely help you avoid losing the thrill of a workout routine.

If the time comes when you start giving up, just listen to this song, you will never skip another workout. Before you even know it, you’ll be looking good, buffed, and harder as a rock. So don’t give it up and listen to this song to get you pumping. Don’t beat yourself up about giving up! Shoot To Thrill and ENJOY THE THRILL!



The distinctive vocals of Hetfield throwing it down and the heavy tone will get your blood flowing. Enter Sandman is an absolutely great song for you to hit the gym.

Not only an absolute song but the ultimate song for pumping your muscles with heavy weight lifting equipment. It’s pretty unreal not to hit the gym with full max energy when listening to this song plus adding Lars Ulrich annihilate the drums will surely get you buff in no time.



Nobody’s Fault But Mine is a lesser known song by the greatest rock band ever, but the guitar riffs and tempo of the song will surely help you hit as many PR’s as you can.

It’s true that all of their music is amazing to workout to, but Nobody’s Fault But Mine can beat all the rest. Everything about this song is a feeling that you will never ever forget when you need to get pumped up for a great workout!



Thunderstruck just like Shoot To Thrill has a lot of backbone and aggression, yeah, it’s even true that we can choose a lot from AC/DC’s tracks like “Highway to Hell“, Heatseeker,” “Back in Black,” “For Those About to Rock,” any number of songs could have been chosen, but Thunderstruck, just like few of the entries listed here, Thunderstruck can get you intensified to your workout and get your blood boiling.

Any guy who goes to the gym that likes listening to all-time classic rock music will attest to this one. We are all well-aware that the first 2-minute intro of this song is the best ever, so if this song doesn’t get you moving I don’t know what will.



Well, this one is pretty obvious. Eye of the tiger is the all-time classic that we always include in our workout music playlist. It serves as an inspiration for working out harder.

This Rocky Theme Song was the most favorite anthem to get pump up on the gym. It motivates you to get into Rocky shape. We should be thankful to Stallone for this one, not because he portrays the image of Rocky, but because he’s the one who commissioned the composition of this song when he couldn’t have the permission to use the Queen’s song “Another One Bite The Dust for Rocky III.” Listening to this song while doing your workouts -you will surely have some fun.