Literally Relive USA In The 70s With Colored HD Footage

Flying Dutchman / Youtube

What happened to the 70s? It recounts the years that go from the mythical 68 to the problematic 81, with more than a thousand photographs and illustrations, authentic jewels of the newspaper library.

The culture of the time perfectly reflected the disappointment of so many of us who were born in it, and now a handful of new series and books are once again interested in those dark years

Those of us born in the 1970s already occupy that position – sometimes comfortable, sometimes not – of an intermediate generation between the old and the young. A part of us is already fully embedded in the journalistic and cultural system, but no one blames it for the many defects of the system yet. It will not take long to happen. But the impact of this position is already perfectly visible.

One of the things that makes us think this way is that the seventies is once again occupying an important place in the representation and discussion of the past, either because now people born in the seventies have the power to rescue those times or because we are an attractive demographic as consumers of these products.

The American aesthetic of the 70s is in fashion. It can be seen in restaurants, breweries, bars, and even home stores. The ‘vintage’ style, which has been showing its strengths for a few years in the decoration sector, evolves to give way to a more American ‘look’, where padded stools, checkered floors that combine black and white take center stage. , license plates of cars, or pictures of ‘pin-up’.