Mailman Delivers The Mail In KISS’ “Gene Simmons” Costume

via @Rock Feed | Youtube

A British mail courier gave some excitement to his delivery route, painting himself just like Gene Simmons from KISS.

The mailman’s name is Gary Underdown, a 32-year old who works as a mail carrier who lives in Rainham, England, and works in the Isle of Sheppey. Originally, his idea was to dress like the “Demon” of KISS to cheer people up to his local delivery route during the coronavirus pandemic.

KISS shared the photo of him wearing the makeup while in his orange mail carrier uniform. Underdown became instantly viral 

“My phone went crazy. I couldn’t believe how crazy it went,” Underdown told Kent Online, later professing, “I have been a KISS fan since I came out of the womb.”

He was thrilled by people’s reactions, the mail carrier continued, To get such a response, I think it’s brilliant. If someone can have a laugh with it, that’s what it’s all about.”

Underdown has previously done some similar stunt one month ago, and since then he continued to make his deliveries dressed like the KISS legend, Gene Simmons, to give positive vibes to people.