Marc Martel Release Cover Of “Let Me Entertain You” By Queen

Marc Martel / YouTube

If you don’t know the musician, you’re obviously wondering who Marc Martel is, who so many people have been asking to replace just the legendary Freddie Mercury, one of the greatest vocalists of all time.

Born in Montreal, Canada, the 42-year-old singer has been active since 1999 and has his name linked to Pop / Rock and Christian Rock, since he was part of the band Downhere, which existed between 1999 and 2012 and was quite known in Canada, being recognized by the public and critics.

In 2011, the guy recorded a video where he sang “Somebody To Love”, Queen’s classic, in order to join a tribute to the band called The Queen Extravaganza, created by drummer Roger Taylor.

After a few days, the video quickly surpassed the mark of 1 million views on YouTube, nowadays it has more than 18 million, caused him to be called to appear on the program of Ellen DeGeneres and also secured the post on The Queen Extravaganza with whom he toured for six weeks in 2012 and then continued performing until 2017.

Now he released a new video covering another Queen song, “Let Me Entertain You.”

Keep going for the video below: