Mark Knopfler Singing With Brian Johnson For ‘Sailing To Philadelphia’ Will Make Your Day

Brian Johnson TV / Youtube

Brian Johnson’s show A Life on the Road reveals the icon traveling up and abroad to catch up with his fellow rockers, learning their priceless tales during their time on tour, and taking spectators to the locations that served to define their fabulous careers.

In the first season of his program, Brian met with fellow rock legends such as Roger Daltrey, Lars Ulrich, Nick Mason, and Robert Plant.

One of the best episodes was when Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits guested his show where both took a trip around the beloved Northumberland. The two discusses life during the early stage of their careers, and Knopfler reveals some wonderful stories regarding his musical journey and inspiration to build a legacy with Dire Straits. 

Mark Knopfler shares the story of how Sultan Of Swing came about, and how it became a rock classic.

One of the fascinating scenes in the video was when Mark Knopfler plays ‘Sailing To Philadelphia’ live for Brian Johnson, and Johnson can’t contain his tears.

Keep going for the video below: