Megadeth Performed The Conjuring After Almost Two Decades

via Kreepin Deth

It’s Epic

For the first time in 17 years, Megadeth performed their 1986 classic “The Conjuring” during their show at the Home Monitoring Aréna in Plzeň, Czech Republic where they opened for Judas Priest. And the thing is, they played it again in Katowice, Poland the following evening.

If you can recall back in 2011, Dave Mustaine shared that he wasn’t going to play the track live anymore because he was done getting involved with the occult which is what the song is all about.

“Performance wise, ‘The Conjuring’ is one of the heaviest songs on [Peace Sells], but unfortunately it’s got black magic in it and I promised that I wouldn’t play it any more, because there’s a lot of instructions for hexes in that song.” – Dave Mustaine

So what propelled him to play it again? It’s Chris Adler who suggested that they can change the lyrics and re-record it. Although Mustaine refused, that at least opened up the possibility of performing this tune again.