Mental Illness And Its Place in The Music Industry

Well, music industry relies fully on the attention of its audience. People are ignoring what is really happening behind the scenes.

Remember recently that two amazing voices in Rock And Roll took their lives, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) and Chris Cornell (Soundgarden). We never had any idea of what was going on in their mind. We are distracted by their pure artistry. Yeah, at some point their negative experiences in life made them who they were, influencing their music.


These mental health issues are the biggest problem that the music industry has been dealing with. Of course, drug and alcohol abuse are common stories for any musicians.  

So that being said, how does an artist lifestyle perpetuate on their mental illness? (mental illness is not always about going cuckoo crazy). Depression, anxiety, and ADHD are some of the example disorders.


Do we really have to see another great take his life or cope with his own problem while the fact that we can do something? We just hope that the industry really does something about it. Artist or not, these people are human beings too, they simply need a normal human comfort also.

Certainly, these artists facing these problems could just go take better care of themselves or they could just go to any psychologists and such. But the industry should be mindful that they can do something to fix these issues rather than forcing musician to make something big (yeah, money…). They also have to value them as people, not only their talents or creative offerings.


Keep in mind that Mental Health is everywhere and in reality, it’s a part of being human. It’s time to face these facts and realize that you can make a change and start something for the well-being of our favorite artists.