Metallica Donates $75,000 For Texas Winter Storm Relief

via @Colletion Taylor | YouTube

Metallica charitable All Within My Hands has donated $ 75,000 to Feeding America to ensure that food banks in communities affected by the recent winter storms in the southern United States have access to the food they need.

Feeding America is the largest organization in the country dedicated to fighting hunger in the country through a national network of 200 food banks.

Feeding America is working with national donors to transport food and supplies to the hardest-hit places, with a focus on supporting communities in Texas and surrounding areas that dealt with major power outages and water shortages.

Metallica said in a statement:

“The winter storm that struck Texas last month was beyond anything the state’s residents could imagine preparing for,” says Metallica. “As temperatures dropped well below freezing and widespread power outages swept the area, families suffered. Grocery chains did the best they could to support their communities, but their supply was hit hard. While temperatures have risen and electricity has been restored in many areas, residents are still very much in the throws of a struggle.”

“Texans running low on food are finding empty grocery store shelves. Food pantries are running out of supplies. And the freeze has wiped out substantial portions of the state’s citrus and vegetable crops. As part of our commitment to fighting food insecurity, All Within My Hands has donated $75,000 to Feeding America to be distributed to Texas food banks.”

Feeding America estimated that in 2020, more than 50 million Americans would not have enough nutritious food to eat due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

All Within My Hands was established in 2017 as a way for the METALLICA family to give back to the communities that have supported the band. In 2020, AWMH donated $ 645,000 to COVID-19-related relief funds, including Feeding America, Direct Relief, as well as to charities helping those in the entertainment and hospitality industries who are suddenly out of work. The foundation also donated $ 350,000 to help those affected by the West Coast wildfires.