Metallica Pays Tribute To Hal Willner Who Died Due To COVID-19 Symptoms

via @metallica | Instagram

Metallica honored late producer, writer, and composer Hal Willner as “a truly inspirational collaborator,” and recalled working with him on their 2011 album, Lulu, with Lou Reed. 

  Hal Willner passed away Monday at the age of 64, caused of death has yet to be announced, he was confirmed suffering from symptoms consistent with the COVID-19.

Metallica took on their Instagram to pay their tribute by describing Willner as “someone who through his unique combination of musical knowledge and warm personality, invigorated every project he touched.”

Willner accumulated a one-of-a-kind portfolio throughout his career: He was a long-time Saturday Night Live staffer in the music department and produced unconventional all-star tribute albums including albums by artists like Reed, Marianne Faithfull, and Laurie Anderson.

Willner’s connection to Reed made the project possible for Metallica on Lulu. While the record certainly had its critics, Metallica said, “Hal expertly helped guide us all to a project we loved, and remain fiercely proud of, to this day.”

Lars Ulrich additional statement, saying, “I will always treasure the time I spent with Hal in those most inspiring and collaborative environments. He was such a warm, open, and communicative person, and as Lou’s right-hand man, he was absolutely essential in pushing Lulu forward. I’ll never forget him, and I know I speak for the entire Metallica family when I say he will be greatly missed.”