Metallica’s Next Album Aims To Be A More Collaborative One

via @12daysofcharity | Instagram

Metallica’s next album could be a more “collaborative” project The members of Metallica have clarified some details of the recording of their next album, revealing that it is expected to be a more “collaborative” project than “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct.” (2016).

Speaking to Metal Hammer, bassist Robert Trujillo revealed that the next album will feature more collaborations from the entire band after the last one was largely composed by singer James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich.

“I’m not gonna speak on behalf of the other guys,” Trujillo said, “But to me, it feels like this could be a very collaborative [writing process]. And for me personally, I love that. I love that we are in that head space to be more collaborative, and I think that’s very exciting for where we’re at now, the journey we’re about to take, the fact that those doors are opening like that.”

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett appeared to approve the news. Sharing that he has much material prepared to contribute to the band’s next album.

“It’s taking a couple of months, literally, for me to go through all [my ideas],” Hammett explained. “I’ve got a wealth of material, and so, at any given point when we all decide, ‘OK, let’s start formulating a schedule to start writing songs and recording it.’ I’m ready. I’m there, from day one.”