Misfits Drummer Joey Image Passes Away At 63

via @sumon infosec | Youtube

Misfits Drummer Joey Image reportedly passed away at age 63.

The punk legend drummer passing was confirmed by the Misfits’ Twitter account on Monday (June 1) when they posted a photo of the musician to pay tribute.

“RIP Joey Image, March 5, 1957 – June 1, 2020. Misfits drummer 78 – 79,” the Tweet reads. “Appears on the Misfits classic ‘Horror Business’ & ‘Night of the Living Dead’ 7-inches. Seen here on drums with the Misfits live at Irving Plaza Halloween night 1979 in NYC. #themisfits #ripjoeyimage.”

The cause of death is yet to be announced, but a GoFundMe page said to be organized by Image – real name Joey Poole – in February 2017, the drummer was reportedly been diagnosed with liver cancer a year prior in 2016 and was seeking $25,000 for treatment at the University of Miami.

Joey Image joined the Misfits when he was 21 along with frontman Glenn Danzig, guitarist Bobby Steele and bass drummer Jerry Only.